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Media abuse threatens national security . . .

Minister Mutsvangwa

Herald Reporter

Abuse of the media by practitioners has led to serious social and security problems in the country, says Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Monica Mutsvangwa.

Speaking during a lecture at Zimbabwe National Defence University on Thursday, Minister Mutsvangwa said the dominant West has sought to reconquer Zimbabwe through  control of its national mindset.

Said Minister Mutsvangwa: “The Zimbabwe Government born of the democratic sacrifice of the majority is given to resist. This is the foundation of the epic fight for the control of the media space.”

She called on those who frequently use the social media to be responsible as they can be used by those with evil agendas to cause total mayhem in families and the country at large.


“Social media has been used to peddle falsehoods about individuals, Government and Government officials as well as about whole countries. Such stories, if they can be called stories at all, have negative effect on security.”