Kadoma in $1.6m tender scam

Desmond Munemo, H-Metro Reporter

Kadoma City Council is embroiled in an alleged $1.6 million tender scam awarded to an allegedly shoddy firm amid outcry from workers and residents.

Sources allege that an unequipped company named Septic Tank was awarded a $1.6 million tender to provide sewer reticulation services while the council is better equipped to do the work.

A video showing run down vehicles and equipments of the alleged company has since gone viral.

A Kadoma City Council source who blew the whistle spoke to H-Metro and expressed concern over the awarding of the tender.


“It’s surprising that council is awarding a tender worth so much yet we as council can do a better job and are fully equipped since we have done this before, even in Chiredzi.

“I approached the Mayor who told me he was not aware and I am now being victimized but it’s my right as a citizen to speak out.

“There are documents in place and it is a worrying situation because $200 000 could have been already paid.

“I simply suggested that they channel the $1.6m to water system or other necessary concerns because Kadoma residents are suffering a lot,” he said.

Kadoma Mayor Action Nyamukondiwa confirmed that a tender was awarded to a local company and it has since been approved by Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ).

Kadoma Mayor Action Nyamukondiwa

“What happens is that the Kadoma council can only submit the tender through its procurement department to PRAZ which then approves.

“They are the ones who determine and approve the tender after some considerations and recommendations,” He said.

Kadoma residents Association representative Wikirosi Rabi said the residents as stakeholders have not been properly consulted on budget issues affecting the city.


“It is now common that Councillors and managers connive when it comes to money.

“Kana zvave zvemari havabude pachena uye zvinhu zvavo hazviitwe nemazvo.

“We as rate payers want to have a meeting with the Council and they should tell us how they are going forward as Kadoma since it is the beginning of the year,” said Rabi.