Youths urged to shun violence

Yeukai Tazira Herald Reporter

Youths Against Violence Organisation on Thursday challenged youths across Zimbabwe to engender a culture of peace and dialogue in order to ensure prosperity.

Youth Against Violence is a grouping of more than 150 youths drawn from across the 29 constituencies in Harare which consists of youths from Zanu-PF, National Constitutional Assembly, MDC, Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe and the MDC-T among other political parties.

Last year violence was instigated by MDC-Alliance and its associates in the -governmental sector which left a trail of destruction in Harare, Bulawayo and other cities.

In a statement, the organisation interim chairperson Mr Naison Kundiona said they condone all forms of violence and youths should not be used as a tool by people who intend to cause disarray in the country.


“Our main objective is targeting idle youth from across the political divide to volunteer their free time to mobilize fellow youths against being used by people harbouring nefarious agendas of pushing the country in chaos for their personal egos,” he said.

He said last year’s illegal demonstrations caused arrests and destroyed businesses and therefore history should not repeat itself this year.

“Let me remind the nation that during the January 2019 illegal insurrectional demonstrations, 2000 arrests were made, over 50 people were convicted and some lives lost. Business a staggering US$30 million were destroyed and looted by heavily intoxicated youths.

“Violence should not be allowed to repeat in January 2020. Let me re-emphasise this point, as youths we do not want a repeat of January 2019,” he said.

Mr Kundiona called on the Government to apprehend perpetrators of violence by every means necessary.

“We call upon the Government and President Mnangagwa, to use the available paladins of statecraft at his disposal to ensure that peace prevails.

“This should, of course, should be done within the confines of the Constitution,” he said.