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JUST IN: Police urge public to desist from social media abuse

Victor Maphosa Herald Correspondent

The police have urged the public to desist from recording and posting videos and images of accidents and scenes of murder on social media platforms.

Some social media users are in the habit of posting images and videos of the deceased whenever an accident occurs.

In a statement, Deputy national police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Staff Officer Blessmore Chishaka, appealed to the public to refrain from such behaviour.

“The ZRP is concerned with some members of the public who record video footage or photograph scenes of road traffic accidents, scenes of murder or other heinous crimes and later post the footage on social media platforms,” he said.


“Images of dead bodies, wreckages and other sensitive scenes are then peddled on social media without regard to the negative effect. Some of the recordings are alarming and may cause despondency, while others are not suitable for people of a nervous disposition.”

Chief Supt Chishaka called on the public to be considerate and stop circulating such sensitive material on social media.

“We are making a passionate plea to the public to refrain from recording scenes of fatal road traffic accidents, dead bodies, suicide, drowning and gory scenes,” he said. “Let us be considerate. Imagine receiving the passing on of a dear beloved one on social media.”

Chief Supt Chishaka said it was everyone’s duty to protect those who would have been victims in accidents.

Some people have fallen victim to social media abuse, learning of the passing away of relatives, colleagues and loved ones through videos and images on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp.