Council nurses back at work

Fiona Ruzha, H-Metro Reporter

HARARE City Council says nurses are back at work with an estimated 90 percent having reported for duty following the remuneration that they have been receiving from different partners.

City health director Dr Prosper Chonzi said the partners who include the UN agencies and some who preferred anonymity, have been helping the City fathers in making sure that health care was restored to normal following an industrial action by nurses citing incapacitation early November last year.

A visit by H-Metro before the festive season showed that Rutsanana and Western Triangle clinics were the hardest hit with no meaningful activities happening to an extent that at Western Triangle patients without serious illness were banned from entering the main entrance to seek services.

However, yesterday’s visit to the two clinics, revealed a different show as many nurses at the two clinics had reported for duty with people being attended to.


Dr Chonzi said they had been facing challenges with nurses at the two clinics but coming on board of various partners have made the situation to improve.

“The problem is that at Rutsanana seven out of nine nurses at the clinic are from Chitungwiza and they have been facing challenges with logistics.

“But last week we engaged our partners and they agreed on giving the nurses remunerations.

“So I am happy with the response by the nurses so far because about 90 percent have reported for duty and we will continue to work hard and ensure that the situation normalizes,” he said.

He added:

“Our partners have also made sure that incentives in terms of food items have been distributed at various council clinics so that the breakfast and lunch is easily served.

“I want to thank various partners though some of them they do not want to be known for the meantime, for their splendid work.”

Dr Chonzi said today he will be meeting different sections in the city health department on mapping the way forward.