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JUST IN: Rainfall expected to improve

Elita chikwati,Senior Agricultural Reporter

The country is expecting an improvement in rainfall activity from this Friday to next week with scattered thunderstorms anticipated in Matabeleland north, northern areas of the Midlands, all Mashonaland provinces, Harare metropolitan province and northern areas of Manicaland province.

Most areas are expected to receive low rains while a few will receive between 20 and 30 milimetres in 24 hours.

Because of the heat, the rains may be violent in some areas and the public has been urged to take caution.

The Meteorological Services Department confirmed today that scattered thunderstorms are anticipated in some parts of the country.


“An improvement in the rainfall activity is expected from the 10th to the 14th of January 2020 as there will be infiltration of moisture from the north and west of the country.

“In terms of the daily amounts, the rainfall is not much in most areas, 10mm of rainfall or less in most areas.

“However, localized heavy rainfall may be experienced in places recording between 20-30mm of rainfall in 24hours. Because of the heat, which is currently being experienced though the rainfall might not yield much, it can be very violent in places and the general public is encouraged to take caution,” said the Met Office.