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Exclusive:Mujuru Links Haunt Gumbo

by Staff Reporter

HARARE-Links to the ousted former vice president Joice Mujuru have jopardised Harare East Zanu PF candidate Mavis Gumbo who has been engaged in a bitter wrngle with Terrence Mukupe, also a Zanu PF candidate, The Zimbabwe news can exclusively reveal.

Zanu PF sources this week said a meeting between president Robert Mugabe and vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday culminated in Gumbo being dropped after alleged links with Mujuru were exposed.
“An image where Gumbo is seen in the the company of Mujuru putting on a T-shirt emblemed with the late general Solomon Mujuru was presented to Mugabe who decided to drop her from the race,” said the source.

“It is known that Gumbo has been a front runner in the race because of her association to the first family, Mugabe has lost confidence in her after links to Mujuru.”
Gumbo and Mukupe debacle had torched a storm in Zanu PF widening the factionalism fissures after the party national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere threw his wait behind Mukupe while the administrator Ignatious Chombo rallied his forces behind Gumbo.
Mukupe defeated Gumbo in the party’s primary elections but was recalled at the nomination court amid reports he was not in the party structures and even the voters roll prior to February this year.

Only last week, President Mugabe had ordered that Mukupe’s  candidature be withdrawn in favour of Gumbo .
Sources close to Mukupe said the young politician has always been close to Kasukuwere and has links to Brain works, a company which brokered government deals during the implementation of the indigenisation laws between the state and several mining companies.
Kasukuwere was still the indigenisation minister when government enforced the controversial policy.
“While Gumbo had a strong chance to contest as a Zanu PF candidate, the Mujuru factor is a cause for concern because Mugabe has told himself that he will not sympathise with the Mujuru cabal.”
“Mugabe will deal ruthlessly with anything which threatens his power and Mujuru is one of those things” the source said.