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He kills, drinks blood

  • Vampire’ vomits blood while at police station
  • He was planning to kill four more women
  • Cops flee charge office as suspect demands blood

Jackson Moyo

by Munyaradzi Musiiwa
POLICE in Mvuma yesterday arrested a self-confessed satanist from Gokwe who allegedly raped and brutally killed a milk vendor two weeks ago before sucking her blood.

Jackson Moyo, 26, of Baradza Village, Chief Jiri, Gokwe, allegedly raped and later murdered Privilege Mutara and dumped her body in a bush near Mvuma town.

Moyo, who claimed he was a satanist, shocked police officers at Mvuma Police Station when he vomited a lot of blood yesterday before licking the floor clean.

A Chronicle news crew witnessed the shocking incident.


While lapping up the blood, Moyo narrated how he raped and murdered Mutara before sucking her blood vampire style.

He claimed he was being used for ritual purposes by his colleagues from the underworld.

“I was initiated into satanism by some Nigerian businessmen I met in Zambia sometime last year after I’d gone there in search of employment. I’m a sign writer by profession. I was working at a lodge in Zambia and these men approached me and burnt frankincense. “The moment I inhaled the smoke from the burning frankincense, I was immediately incorporated into satanism. I’m still an agent and will soon be ordained into the elite group,” said Moyo.

He said he lured Mutara into the bush using necromancy.

Necromancy is the supposed practice of communicating with the dead, especially in order to predict the future. It also refers to witchcraft, sorcery or black magic in general.

“I murdered her before sucking all of her blood which I used for ritual purposes together with other members that I’ve since recruited in Mvuma,” Moyo said.

He alleged that his group was supposed to kill four more women and drain their blood for ritual purposes before being attested into the so-called elite group. He said their sect thrives on human blood.

His bizarre acts and confessions caused pandemonium at the police station as police officers fled the charge office when Moyo requested more blood.

Moyo was claiming that he was thirsty and after a few seconds he stretched forth his hand. That’s when he started vomiting blood which he went on to lap up from the floor.

Mvuma Ward 13 Councillor, Tremendous Musara, said he felt relieved following Moyo’s arrest because people in his community were living in fear.


Police said Moyo was arrested after they tracked Mutara’s cellphone which he stole after committing the murder and gave it to a lady of the night, Chido Rimiremoto, as payment for sex. Rimiremoto, a self-confessed prostitute, told The Chronicle in Mvuma yesterday that she met Moyo while drinking at a local night club.

“Police used the cellphone to track me. I told them that I got the phone from my boyfriend as a present,” she said.

Rimiremoto said on Tuesday evening, Moyo returned to her lodgings for another sexual encounter. She said she then alerted the police who came and arrested him.

Acting Midlands Police Spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende said Moyo was assisting police with their investigations.

“I can confirm that we’ve arrested Jackson Moyo in Mvuma following a tip off by members of the public over allegations of rape and murder. The suspect is in police custody assisting with investigations. He will appear in court soon,” she said.

Moyo once made headlines after he allegedly disappeared from a cleansing prayer session at Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) in Waterfalls, Harare.

PHD leader, Prophet Walter Magaya, was praying for him and he disappeared. Moyo was found at an Apostolic Faith Mission Church in Ngundu, Chivi.

Moyo attempted to rape a Chicken Slice employee who was on her way home after work.

The woman was, however, rescued by a passerby who heard her screaming.

The passerby chased after Moyo but he managed to escape.



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  • He was once called Alois Tapiwa Nduna and was on headlines whilst seeking help or whatever in UFIC , PHD , POWERLIFE Ministries, I personally witnessed his ID which he was given in Hwange after he claimed that it was lost during his journey from Nigeria