“I love to mentor and support ambitious younger women. I always have and am proud of the mentees in my life. I too have been mentored by older women. Unfortunately, things happened between us that created ill feeling and distrust. But that should not be discussed on Twitter.


“I have tried really hard to get over the past. Really hard. I even reached out to her two years ago only to find she had accused a dead man who could not defend himself of some horrible things. His wife, now late, was a dear friend. I found this hard to forgive.

“But the bottom line is that Twitter is not the place for any of this. I apologize to Fadzayi for my intemperate response but mostly to all of you that you had to witness this. I am genuinely sorry. I can assure you it will not happen again.”

She maintained that the target of her initial post was not Mahere.

“She genuinely was not my target. I was actually thinking of academics who spend all their time on Twitter. I was not thinking of her at all. Her crazy response was unexpected and I am sorry to say I overreacted,” she added.

In fact, she added in another tweet, she had in mind “specifically people like Jonathan Moyo who can actually write, and have insights and experience to share, but don’t.”

Moyo did not address Gappah’s initial tweet, choosing instead to criticise her comments about Mahere.

“The unrestrained personal attack on Mahere by Gappah stinks to high heaven,” Moyo tweeted.

One of the claims made by Gappah was that Mahere was not qualified for admission into the University of Zimbabwe. Mahere has obliged her, releasing her O’ Level and A’ Level certificates on Twitter.

She sat Cambridge exams for O’ Level, scoring seven As and two Bs. She obtained 15 points at A’ Level in November 2001 in History, English Language and Literature in English.

Fellow lawyer Alex Magaisa accused Gappah of bullying.

“Don’t let anyone, man or woman, bring you down. Those who besmirch your efforts have never tried. Most rise on the back of others. Stand tall,” he said in a tweet, tagging Mahere.

Magaisa added in another tweet: “I cannot stand bullies.”

Brian Kagoro, a rights activist who is also a lawyer, weighed in: “When you think that your way is the best course to live, you flaunt it and denigrate everyone and everything else. That’s until you discover that very few people actually care about your way, success and assumed status. There are many people who succeed quietly.”-Zimlive