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UN Bolehole Rigger Used As Campaign Tool As Zanu PF Wants Victory In Hurungwe West

by Staff Reporter

Hurungwe-Zanu  PF is vying for outright victory in the Hurungwe West by election amid reports the party has summoned all village headmen with their registers as the ousted former legislator Temba Mliswa is touted to win the seat.
Investigations by The this week revealed that the former Themba-Mliswarevolutionary party is under intense pressure as it is employing various tactics including intimidation and violence.
“All the village headmen have ordered to come for a meeting tomorrow (Monday). They were asked to bring their registers,” said the source.
Zanu PF has always abused chiefs and headmen in each election as they are ordered to whip into line the people under their jurisdiction.
“The village registers can be used as voters roll because it has the list of voters so whoever votes for the opposition or independent can be tracked,” said the source.
In an interview Mliswa said he does not care whether Zanu PF employs dirty tactics or not because he is assured of victory.
“Reports are coming ever day of intimidation and violence but the people will vote for a person who can deliver,” Mliswa said.
“June 10 will be a decisive date for Zanu PF and am very happy with current developments in the constituency,” he said.
Mliswa however said it is disturbing to hear that Zanu PF has sanctioned a Unicef rigger to drill boreholes in Hurungwe West.
“Zanu PF is running out of ideas and it has already using a UNICEF rigger to drill boreholes. The machine belongs to United Nations but it is now being used as a campaign tool,” he said.