Nelson Chamisa Apologises For Joking About Giving His Teenage Sister To Mnangagwa

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MDC-T president Nelson Chamisa is reported to have apologised for saying that he would give his 18-year old sister to President Emmerson Mnangagwa if the Zanu-PF leader garnered five percent of the votes in the upcoming election. In an interview with South Africa’s, Chamisa said,

If anyone felt hurt about the joke I am sorry. It was just a political banter that I used to illustrate that even if I promised to give him (Mnangagwa) my most prized position, he would still not be able to defeat us in a free and fair election.

The joke should have been a non-issue because most Zimbabweans are worried about issues of survival. This is just a sideshow that is being used by irrelevant people to score cheap political points at my expense.

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