Nelson Chamisa To Appoint VPs, Spokesperson, Chairperson, Organising Secretary

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MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa is expected to make key appointments to fill the vacancies of Deputy President, National Chairperson, Organising Secretary and National Chairperson. Some of the people who held the positions under former president Morgan Tsvangirai have since been expelled from the party or have voluntarily quit the party.

In an interview with NewsDay, party spokesperson Morgen Komichi said,

Our party constitution has got a clause in which the president has the prerogative or the powers to appoint a member of the standing committee and this is the same clause that was used by now late president Morgan Tsvangirai to appoint Chamisa and Mudzuri to become the two extra vice-presidents of the party.

…Remember, this was challenged in the courts and the court ruled in favour of president Tsvangirai and it was found that it was legitimate and within the constitution that he could do that.

…The president has to put a programme for the date and time to do that, but I am sure it will be very soon because we need leadership in Matabeleland and those key positions.

Remember the party has lost a vice-president, the national chairman has resigned on his own accord, the organising secretary was expelled from the party by the national council and the same with the secretary for information. We have a number of vacancies in the party and we need those vacancies to be filled and they will be filled by appointment.