Ezekiel Guti Funeral Update: Celebration and not mourning

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(Celebration and not mourning)


Ezekiel Guti with wife

Ezekiel Guti with wife

Many speakers lined up for the celebration services.

AMFCC and City Sports Centre.

Friday 12 January
7pm til 3am AMFCC

Saturday 13 January
10am -3pm AMFCC (body viewing will be during this session only for the rest of the people)

7pm – 3am City Sports Centre

Sunday 14 January
8am sharp – 1pm service

1pm end service

2pm Glen Forest Burial


Volunteers needed to work in the following Dept’s (10 per district to be vetted at their district first)
1. Ushering
2. Helps
3. Security (preferably those in the security sector)
4. Counselling (seasoned Christians including all pastors, elders and deacons) to bring pen and paper.

All volunteers to attend a meeting to be held on Sunday after service, venue ZAOGA City District Church Belvedere.