Sangoma visiting Kasukuwere torments Mudzidzi Wimbo

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Mudzidzi Wimbo

Mudzidzi Wimbo

EMBATTLED Zanu-PF national political commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere has been accused of being the brains behind problems afflicting Mudzidzi Wimbo of the Vadzidzi VaJeso church after the cleric refused to make a false prophecy that Cde Kasukuwere would succeed President Mugabe. Mudzidzi Wimbo (Mr Aaron Mhukuta) is famed for making a popular prophecy in 1957 predicting that President Mugabe would be the first black leader of independent Zimbabwe.


He is now staying at his shrine in Madziwa, Mashonaland Central, where he is helping several people spiritually after voluntarily leaving his ancestral home on July 1, 2015. One of his sons, Mr Zvadashe Gomo, told The Herald over the weekend that Cde Kasukuwere, working with a few individuals, was fomenting claims that his father was kidnapped by four of his assistants.

Mr Gomo said Cde Kasukuwere and his clique were the ones who wanted to force his father to return to his village home where they wanted to force him to make a false prophecy anointing him as President Mugabe’s successor.

He said he had been forced to let the cat out of the bag after reading several misleading stories in the private media claiming that his father was kidnapped by his four lieutenants.

The four are Messrs Ishmael Magodi (national leader), Shephard Chingwena (secretary-general), Zex Pamacheche (first committee member) and Edison Mukohwa (second committee member).

“I want to make it very clear that my father was never kidnapped as alleged in the private media,” he said.

“Everyone else knows that my father made a prophecy in 1957 predicting that President Mugabe will be the first black President of an independent Zimbabwe. Now, Cde Kasukuwere, working with some of my brothers and his Zanu-PF loyalists, wants to force my father to go back to that home and make a false prophecy anointing him as the next President.

“They know that Mudzidzi Wimbo is well respected, and they now want to take advantage of his advanced age to fulfil their political ambitions. They are the ones who are behind the stories claiming that Mudzidzi Wimbo was kidnapped, which are not true.

“I can tell you that when Mudzidzi Wimbo left our village home, one of my brothers is the one who was driving the truck that carried his luggage to this shrine. He asked my brothers to join him if they were interested but they refused.”

Mr Gomo continued: “For the record, Mudzidzi Wimbo is the one who prophesied some time back that he would want to stay at this shrine where he would build his sanctuary with many facilities including a school.

“In any case, my brothers were being violent and it was now difficult for him to do the work of God at that home as his followers were being harassed on a daily basis.

“He is the one who anointed his assistants who are now being persecuted in the media on false allegations that they kidnapped him. The commissioning of the four assistants was done in full glare of everyone.

“Mudzidzi Wimbo is the one who called them to the shrine after they were expelled from our village home by my brothers. The other problem is that my brothers think that Mudzidzi Wimbo’s assistants are making a lot of money from the church, and they are smearing them to force them out of the church.”

Mr Gomo said contrary to reports that Mudzidzi Wimbo was kidnapped, he was steering several developmental projects at his shrine that were transforming the Madziwa area.
He said, surprisingly, the private media chose to turn a blind eye on the projects.

Among other projects he said, Mudzidzi Wimbo oversaw the construction of a boarding school at the shrine that was officially opened by Primary and Secondary Education Minister Dr Lazarus Dokora.

He said Mudzidzi Wimbo also participated in the Government specialised maize production scheme Command Agriculture under which he utilised 60 hectares of land.

“In your view, do you think that someone who is in captivity can do such developments? We are tired of these false stories and interference by politicians. When President Mugabe came to Bindura last year, I wanted to expose this whole plot but Cde Kasukuwere chucked me out of that meeting. Why is it that when they talk about Mudzidzi Wimbo’s children they don’t talk about me? They know I will expose them,” he said.

Mr Chingwena, who is one of Mudzidzi Wimbo’s assistants, said: “We are serving at the pleasure of Mudzidzi Wimbo because he is the one who commissioned us to be his assistants. Our church is not a family organisation after it was founded by Johanne who came from Rusape in 1931. He was not related to Mudzidzi Wimbo or even his successor.”

Last year Kasukuwere was caught on camera  allegedly visiting a Sangoma in Chipinge.

Efforts to get comment from Cde Kasukuwere were fruitless as calls were not going through.-Herald