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Makoni Chieftainship Disowns Mutasa..He is Of Mozambican Origin

The Makoni traditional leadership has disowned former Zanu PF Secretary for Administration Didymus Mutasa saying he does not belong to the Makoni chieftainship family tree.

Flanked by his counsel of elders at his traditional court, Chief Makoni set the record straight and said Mutasa does not belong to the Makoni chieftainship family tree as he is a nephew who unfortunately has been abusing his political powers to interfere in the selection processes of the chieftainship.

Chief Makoni alleges Cde Mutasa has been stifling efforts to conclude the selection process of Chief Makoni noting that the decision was later reached last year at a compromise.

The counsel of elders gave a genealogy of the origins of the Makoni chieftainship and noted that Cde Mutasa is of Mozambican origin, whose grandmother is of the Makoni chieftainship.

Mutasa is said to have taken the Nyathi totem in an attempt to grab the chieftainship from the deserving four family trees namely – the Zendera, Muswati, Nyamanhindi and Nyakurukwa.


On the political front, Cde Mutasa’s fortunes have taken a nosedive after his Headlands constituency requested him to be recalled while the Zanu PF Manicaland political leadership has since written to the politburo requesting for his expulsion from the party.