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Grace Mugabe’s Dirty Hands Dips Into Pentecostal Church Funds

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace has been sucked into Pentecostal church wars amid revelations that she received money from one denomination and was convinced to order the arrest of perceived enemies.

Grace Mugabe

Trusted sources revealed that Walter Magaya, who heads the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) ministry based in Waterfalls, last year donated $10,000 to Grace for use in her charity work.

“Magaya seems to have taken advantage of his closeness created by the donation to convince Grace Mugabe to ensure the arrest of Henrietta Rushwaya and Bright Matonga, whom he accused of trying to extort thousands of dollars from him,” said the source.

This was in relation to an adultery scandal in which a Harare man, Denford Chimutashu, accused the self-proclaimed prophet of having an affair with his wife and sued for $500,000 in damages.

The matter went to the High Court, but was later withdrawn after the two men made peace. Magaya claimed that Rushwaya and Matongo had tried to convince him to pay Mutashu money to withdraw the case.


They were both summoned to the police Law and Order section where they were interrogated by assistant commissioner Crispen Makedenge, but were later released without charge.

Rushwaya had just joined the PHD finance department while Matonga worships with a rival denomination, UFIC, led by Emmanuel Makandiwa.

But sources say the involvement of politicians and the police in the Mutashu case mirrors an underground plot by the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and Zanu (PF) to control voters through the churches.

Makandiwa, who still enjoys huge crowds, had reportedly angered Zanu (PF) by refusing to convince his congregants to toe the ruling party’s line. When Magaya started rising, Zanu (PF) shifted to the PHD prophet and is hoping to manipulate the thousands of supporters that throng his church on a weekly basis. The Zimbabwean