PSL clubs fret over Covid-19 test kits

Grace Chingoma Senior Sports Reporter

SOME Premier Soccer League clubs are already fretting over the provision of Covid-19 test kits by ZIFA and have begun preparing their own budgets while they wait for the league procedures.

The league has scheduled March 25 to April 2 as the testing period for all top-flight clubs.

The mass testing of players and officials is going to be conducted through the ZIFA and PSL Medical Committee, working in conjunction with team doctors.

But, with three days before the deadline, the clubs are yet to receive any Covid-19 testing kits.


Yesterday, club officials who requested anonymity said they are waiting for the signal from the league but behind the scenes they are working on the testing budgets in case the league fails to provide the kits.

“I think the PSL plan is dependent on ZIFA, so we are still waiting for the feedback. The last communication we received was on the confirmation of the timetable.

“As a club, our team doctor has started working on the quotations and the budgets for testing so that we are prepared in case of the worst-case scenario.

“In the event that we are going to cater for our own testing, we will have to cut our numbers and we are working with a figure of 50 people, that is the players and officials who directly work with the team.

“But considering the financial constraints most clubs are facing, we are just hoping that ZIFA and PSL are able to sponsor the Covid-19 and lessen the burden on us.

“Some clubs with resources have the capacity to test the players but it is not easy for the majority of the clubs.

“We are yet to regroup or meet the players because we can only do this after we have tested,” said the official.

Premiership clubs are expected to start their pre-season training from April 2 once testing has been completed.

Training will run-up to May 15.

However, according to the set standard operating procedure, clubs are required to test after every 14 days.


When the competitive matches start, the clubs will test 48-hours before meeting an opponent.

PSL has tentatively set May 16 as the day for the start of the start.

The PSL indaba will be held on May 1 and it will set the tone for the league restart after a 12-month absence.

The board of governors is expected to come up with a decision on how the league will be played this season.

The league has proposed a cluster competition format.