SA based making waves

Never Chapepa

Shelly Guni, Sports Reporter
South Africa based netball coach, Never Chapepa is making waves beyond borders following the establishment of his Johannesburg Central Netball Club in 2003.
To date the club has produced players who have played at the high level of completion in South Africa with some also featuring in the Spar Proteas.

JCNC is based in the Gauteng Province and has 90 players- 40 of which are under 19, 30 male players and 20 female senior players.

“It feels great to nurture these players from their teen to adult hood. The pleasure comes in their achievements. That fulfills and encourages,” Chapepa told H-Metro from his base in South Africa.

“I have produced 14 Brutal Fruit players, two Spar Proteas national fast5 players who have traveled overseas and also five of my players, played in the 2019 Telkom League.

“One of the five Telkom League players -Kamogelo Slender Maseko- is in the under 19, 21 and the senior team. She made her debut during the Malawi and South Africa test series,” he said.


Chapepa said he has groomed so many players who are now playing in different regions in different provinces.

“The players on development are the ones playing the Johannesburg Super League and Region F Junior league.”

He has however lamented the lack of funds.

“We have no sponsors at all, we have three people who have assisted team, Magdelyn and family, Mr. Naidoo, Tebatso and l through donations.

“All problems stem from lack of sponsorship, transportation to leagues and tournaments, outfits are in short supply moreover keeping coaches becomes a challenge and continuity is disturbed every time. So l ends up taking up more than one team and that is not healthy.

“Players sometimes stress their parents for assistance when it comes to traveling to other regions and countries”
Chapepa retraces his roots.

He started a club at Mhlangamlambo Primary School back in the days and they went on to beat all the schools in that region.

I went to Gumede High School in Lupane where I drew a netball court on grass and used bicycle wheels to make rings and the team from there played in the provincial teams for the schools for the very first time,” he said.

Chapepa is also the South Africa national male’s assistant coach and umpire. He is also the deputy principal at Observatory Girls Primary school, a pastor and counsellor.