Chafa rallies CHAN squad

Devon Chafa

Blessing Malinganiza, Sports Reporter

Warriors defender Devon Chafa believes they can upset teams at the CHAN finals in Cameroon next month if they maintain the determination they had in qualifiers.

“We did well in the qualifiers so I think if we are determined like we did. And yes we know that we haven’t been active and I think the friendlies are helping us a lot in terms of match fitness and all.


“I believe this our chance to silverware, we know that there are surprises in football but we’re hopeful.



“I think all the players will work hard because we know want we want,” he said.


He added:


“Everyone should give his level best because we are a team of great players who can do a great job for the team.


“We are players who want to do their best for the team. We believe in our team and we know what we are capable of.


“I know it’s not easy but I promise to do my best and will just do all I am required to do as a player, if given a chance to play.



“Because I can’t predict on the coach’s decision but if I play I will make sure that I put maximum effort in helping the team achieve their goals and success, “he said.


Zimbabwe are in Group A with hosts Cameroon, Burkina Faso and Mali.


“It’s a difficult draw and there are no small teams anymore so it’s important for us to take one game at a time.


“Every team is unpredictable and we would want to do our best to win every match and give our all, not only in some matches but in all of them.


“All three games in the first round of the tournament are going to be difficult so I can’t really say if we are going to lose or draw but all I can say is that we are going to try our best in every single game.



“Football is evolving there are no longer small teams the team which you call small might surprise and we are not minnows, “he said.