Warriors fans react to defeat

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The Stig @rivaldomk1
It’s too early to blame the coach. The coach picks players based on what he sees in training that we don’t see, and it’s up to the players picked to prove they deserve to start ahead of others. This happens everywhere. Team played well despite the loss.


Simon Kumbirai Mushore


I think as Zimbabwe we need to learn and understand early befor it’s too late. These foreign coaches, we have tried them a lot even at club level, what they bring us are troubles always. It’s high time we believe in our own. Local coaches is the way to go.



Luckson Midzi


Given that it was our first competitive game. First one for Loga. There were lots of positives. We need to unlock the right combinations. We missed Munetsi. The fighting spirit was impressive. We need to trust youngsters. Was really impressed by the courage of Zemura. I do feel we need a midfielder that can attack from mid directly into the opposition’s box and open up spaces in defence.


Mike Madoda


When the dust settles, Zimbos will go after the soft targets; Chipezeze, Lunga. But the truth is our star Warriors didn’t come to the party and wilted in the heat of battle. We need more and better on Monday at the National Sports Stadium





We need a coach with confidence… read the game early, make the necessary changes, how does it make sense that we make attacking changes at the same time as a team that’s leading 3-0?


Chief Svosve II


The ‘keeper has always been a disaster in national duty colours! Why do coaches prefer him? The other time he made schoolboy blunders that some supporters, like me concluded that he was on a “match-fixing mission”.  It’s high time he is dropped COMPLETELY


Munyaradzi Munyaradzi


Algeria dropped a player because he is bench-warming at his club but in Zimbabwe we put a player who is club-hunting into the first 11 and then we expect to go places! Ben Koufie, the late akataura kuti in Zimbabwe we do not have proper development structures in place.



Brisky Thulani Ncube


Is Chipezeze really the best goalie we have for the warriors like seriously? Even Kapini aged as he is, was a better choice. What happened to Mkuruva, I had seen his name on the provisional squad, we have the likes of Prince not playing yet they are in form, that’s our major problem


Emmanuel Mberi


For me poor preparation in friendly games, imagine Algeria played Nigeria and Mexico yet we played Malawi with a half-backed team, lots of questions go to @online_zifa considering the circumstances they fared well, we just need a goalkeeper (and to) be sharper in front of goals