TTM boss closes door on Mapeza

Norman Mapeza

TSHAKHUMA FC president, Lawrence Mulaudzi, says they have ended their pursuit of Zimbabwean coach, Norman Mapeza, after their romance collapsed before it had even begun.

Mapeza left the Limpopo side, barely three weeks after he had arrived at the club, with Joel Masutha taking over.

Speaking in Thursday’s media conference, Mulaudzi said the Zimbabwean coach would not returning to the club as there was no contract signed between the two parties.

“We ran the process of acquiring the services of a coach, a number of coaches showed interest, all over the world,” Mulaudzi said.

“Mr Mapeza was in the forefront.


“What then happened is that we invited Mr Mapeza to come and join the team. Before he came we sent him the contract, after agreeing on the terms and conditions. We sent him the contract when he was still in the neighbouring country.

“We were hoping for Mr Mapeza to hand us the contract on his arrival. So the contract was not forthcoming for quite some time. I then followed up with the CEO (Sello Chokoe) to say, ‘Where is the contract for the coach? We need (work) permits for the coach, we don’t have time.’

“And one of the conditions to appoint him was that he fulfils all the conditions including working permit. So the working permit was not coming forth.

“Apparently, I sent another team to support the CEO or further the investigation of what is really going on.

“The next thing I was surprised when I got a call that Mr Mapeza’s hotel rooms were locked. The management then took a resolution that they are not going to keep Mr Mapeza in these circumstances.

“I then said, ‘that’s fine, I respect your decision as the manager of the club.’’’

He said, after that, he still contacted Mapeza, hoping for the parties to discuss their differences.

“I phoned Mr Mapeza (he) was on his way from Tshwane to Johannesburg,’’ he said.

“I said to Mr Mapeza, ‘What’s going on? Can we try to sit down and resolve this matter?’

“Mr Mapeza was going to his sister in-law in Johannesburg. I said, ‘Mr Mapeza, go and stay in my house somewhere in Joburg, I will deal with this matter the next day.’


“Mr Mapeza he said he’s fine he will go back to his sister in-law. Then I followed up with Mr Mapeza and he told me that he was in Zimbabwe. Then I rest my case.

“The answer today is that Mr Mapeza is no longer with us. Mr Mapeza, he won’t be with us anytime soon. And Mr Mapeza is history to us.

“Joel Masutha, one of our own, will take the baton and move forward. I thank you.” – Sports Reporter/Kick-Off