ZKU hails virtual seminar

Rest Mutore, Sports Reporter
LOCAL Karatekas at the weekend participated in an international virtual seminar to keep them up-to-date with the modern trends of the sport.
The Adidas Masterclass seminar, which was held last Sunday, was hosted by renowned international instructors including Junior Lefevre, Yukimitsu Hasegawa, Antonio Diaz, Cogita Arkania, Rene Smaal and Sengalese Fode Ndao.
Zimbabwe Karate Union (ZKU) technical director Sensei Fradson Shavi supervised the local participants who included both males and females from different styles.

In a statement yesterday, ZKU president Joe Rugwete said the seminar left Karatekas with a renewed energy to excel.
“The day-long seminar included segments on modern kata (forms) training and kumite (fighting) drills. The local seminar which was supervised by the ZKU Technical Director, Sensei Fradson Shavi,included both male and female Karateka from different styles and some members of the national coaching staff.

“The Kata segment focused on power projection balance and correct training methods amongst many other different technical areas. “The kumite session on the other hand focused on explosiveness of attacking movement, defensive exploitation for counterattacking including aerobic endurance. The few who managed to attend (respecting social distancing) were left with renewed vigor to excel and aspire to achieve the world standard as demonstrated,” said Rugwete.
ZKU said it is unfortunate that they had to register few participants due to short notice of the seminar.
Despite the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, ZKU has been doing everything to remain active through virtual platforms.
“The only regret was that, due to the short notice and more so the lockdown, only a few were able to attend and watch the session. Some of the participants from Zimbabwe included Tapiwa Nyikadzino, Emmanuel Mlauzi, Nicole Musarira, Vitoria Musarira, Nyasha Mutambanengwe and Dean Ramsey.
“The ZKU extends its gratitude to the main sponsor and UK based member of the ZKU Management Committee, Sensei Alison Nyoni for giving back to the country by arranging and paying for the subscription.
“Going forward – beyond arranging for more virtual sessions, the ZKU will endeavor to bring some of these top coaches into the country to help in improving the standard of local karate.”