Njenda feels the void

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Rest Mutore, Sports Reporter
Harare Basketball Association side, JBC player Tinotenda Njenda says the suspension of sport has left a ‘void’ in his life.
As part of measures to curb the spread of coronavirus, sporting activities have been suspended and basketball is not part of the sports that were given the greenlight last week.
And for Njenda, this has been the most difficult period for him – not only career wise but life in general.
“Life without basketball is hard, it’s like life without someone who you grew up with, there will always be that void, that’s how life without basketball is to me right now.
“It’s because I started playing basketball when I was in Grade 6 and it’s been like my daily bread ever since, so to live without it has been hard and I can’t find the right superlatives to use to describe the way I am feeling;” said Njenda.
He said the league was suspended with seven games to play with teams in the top four standing a chance.
“I know everyone wants to go back and finish the season because it was a good season all teams had revamped their squads but we all have to take precautional measures and stay safe and not worry about basketball but the fight against covid-19.
“The league was suspended with seven games left to play. So far the authorities haven’t said much about when we will resume or to crown a champion because it’s been a dog fight in the top four,” said Njenda.
He, however, said this has also given him time to bond with family being a person who dedicated his life to basketball.
“Training without a clear picture of when we will resume play is just another way of just getting in shape or bonding with the family, like I do, I jog with my dogs in the morning,” he said.
He said they had set some targets as a team which remain on course.
“We had team goals, we wanted the HBA league, national league and qualification to the regional league the Basketball Africa League (which is sponsored by the NBA)
“We wanted to set and break records this season, we had high expectations for our teams.
“Individually I wanted my first championship and first national league medal, so the suspension of our league has rained on our parade,” said Njenda.
In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Njenda encouraged people to remain vigilant.
“As much as people want to go out and hustle for income or food to feed their families they need to know covid is there and it’s real so everyone needs to be careful and follow the instructions that are being given to us by the health department and to those who have surplus they should help those who are underprivileged because together we can fight this pandemic not when we are divided, there is a “Shona saying that says “rume rimwe hari kombe churu” this is the right time to make it our motto and unite and fight Covid-19;” he said.