Maruwa dreams big

Hebert Maruwa

Snodia Mikiri, Sports Reporter

Black Rhinos coach Hebert Maruwa is optimistic he has assembled a better team as compared to the one he has in 2019.

Rhinos finished 10th last season.

Maruwa said in the upcoming 2020 season they are looking forward to better their log standings and improve performance too.

The team parted ways with the bulk of their 2019 squad and replaced them.


They lost soccer star finalist Wellington Taderera, Tafadzwa Jaravani, Jameson Mukombwe, Moses Demera, Ashley Rayners and Gift Saunyama amongst others.

“I have assembled a better team as compared to last season. I have players who are hungry for success and that is a plus for us.

“We have done well in replacing the individuals we parted ways with.

“The replacements are equally good. This time around it’s a youthful squad and I am positive they will give me the desired results,” said Maruwa.

Maruwa said he is expecting a different season that will be characterized with improvements.

“With this equally good assembled squad I am expecting an improvement. We have to improve be it the log standing and the performance too.

“The team is good in all departments. We have played few friendlies so far and I am happy with what I am seeing.

“We have 37 players. We will loan others but all the 27 will be given contracts,” he added.

Forward Francisco Zekumbawira future at the club is uncertain. The player was not part of the team that traveled to Kariba for a two weeks bonding session.

Zekumbawira still has a contract with Rhinos that is set to expire December this year.


2020 SQUAD: O. Chirengendure, E.Chigiji, O.Mukuradare, B.Homora, F.Banda, M.Mukumba, W,Kapinda, A.Mutudza, B.Sahondo, B.Mwandimutsira, A.Thandi, l.Murape, A.Gahadzikwa, T.Sibanda, T.Huni, N.Gezawa,  T. Macheke, W.Sande, E.Mhungu, S.Chimusoro, T.Mchisa, S.Makoni, D.Chirambamuriwo, K. Waya, N.Paradzaronda, B.Kandiado, A.Phiri, M.Gwaruka, S.Chikwerengwe, C.Nyakope, M.Mupanhure, K.Kapikinyu, D.Marowa, S.Shanga, E.Mweha, K.Nyakudana, P.Mlanzi,