Tenax to avoid relegation

Kudakwashe Chikwenje

NEWLY promoted side Tenax coach Shadreck “Father” Mugurasawe promises to assemble a strong squad to avoid relegation on their debut appearance in the Premiership.

The Manicaland-based side won the Eastern Region Division One and with the season set to start soon, Mugurasawe said they will work on avoiding relegation.

“We are going to assemble a strong squad that can survive relegation, we know Premiership is a different league from eastern region so we have to work hard.

“We expect the season to be exciting, we know many people are going to see us as underdogs since we are coming from the lower league but it’s not an issue.


“We have more than seven players who played in the top flight before and these players have experience of the playing in top-flight,” said Mugurasawe.

Mugurasawe added he has intention to add big names but will entrust faith in their experienced players like Farai Mugumwa, Joseph Jumbo, Takunda Mapara, Malvern Dumbura and Berven Chirere.

“We didn’t add any big names this transfer but we have added a group of talented players and at the moment we are assessing those new recruits.

“We going to prepare ourselves, we are going to play as a team and we know the journey is going to be tough but as a team we are going to fight hard.

“The good news about us, not even a single player left the club and those who are coming, we are still working on their paper work.