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Rio blasts ‘clueless’ Manchester United

Rio Ferdinand

MANCHESTER. — Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has blasted his old team after their latest defeat.

The Red Devils lost 0-2 to Burnely at Old Trafford on Wednesday.

“I’m sitting here embarrassed. It’s embarrassing to be here seeing this,” the former defender said on BT Sport. You can’t defend this. Fans were walking out after 85 minutes. People at the top need to see this and make changes and put a plan in place.

‘‘Young kids in schools around the country won’t be wearing Man United shirts, they won’t be wanting to come here and see this,” he said.

“Nothing there suggests this is laying the foundation of future. I don’t see a pathway. Where’s the target set on the wall, saying this is how we’re going to get there?


‘‘Money has been spent willy-nilly in the past seven years, what’s to show?’’

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer feels Manchester United supporters had every right to feel “disillusioned”.

“Today there wasn’t in the end, because at the end you do feel disillusioned, as you say because maybe they do.

“But for us, we’ve just got to stick to our values, stick to our beliefs and knowing that there’s no use feeling sorry for yourself. You’ve got to go out there with the same commitment tomorrow, the day after, get ready for Sunday.” — AFP.