Swallows gun for promotion

Tawanda Bote

Air Force side Blue Swallows are gunning for promotion into the Premier Soccer League this season.

Having been in the Northern Region Division One for a long time, the team is confident of success.

‘’We have been champions before, so we know all the tactics that we should apply, so we are going to do our best so that we play in the top flight come end of season.

‘’All our players are ready to go, we do not have players that have gone for military training, they are all there, so we will start the season with a well nit team, that I hope will deliver’ ’said chairman Wilson Ngwenya.


Ngwenya also added that as Swallows they believe their wings will take them up there, because of experience and the character they have.

‘’Our character and wings will take us up there, so teams should come prepared for a tough battle and they won’t even get a point from us,” said chairman Wilson Ngwenya.