Rhinos want closure on match-fixing allegations

Black Rhinos players

Sports Reporter

BLACK Rhinos say their efforts to find closure on their controversial defeat to Herentals last year, when allegations of match manipulation were raised, are being frustrated by the Premier Soccer League’s delays in releasing the verdict of the hearing.

The army side have done everything to prove their case against The Students who stand accused of trying to use their financial muscle to bribe players in their Premiership clash late last year in order to survive relegation.

Rhinos raised the alarm following the 0-3 drubbing by their long-time nemesis and conducted internal investigations which revealed there could have been underhand dealings between their team manager Gift Kamuriwo, who has since been sacked, and an official from Herentals.

Herentals were subsequently charged for breaching Article 31.2.2 of the PSL Rules and Regulations although The Students have vehemently denied the allegations.


Rhinos’ secretary-general Edward Mutukwa yesterday said they were still waiting for the outcome of the PSL hearings before making the next step.

“I think everything that needed to be done was done. We did our own internal investigations and after we detected some anomalies we reported the case to the PSL. We then attended the hearings and what is now left is the verdict. “As soon as the PSL give their verdict, we will then be able to give our position as a club. We don’t know why it’s taking this long but the delays are stalling our processes. We need closure to this whole matter so that we can move on as a club,” said Mutukwa.

Efforts to get a comment from the PSL were fruitless yesterday as the league’s officials are still on holiday.

The PSL office opens on Monday. Kamuriwo confessed to taking US$600, which he was supposed to give to players.

The plan was, however, foiled after one of the targeted players blew the whistle to Rhinos coach Herbert Maruwa.

Herentals still cruised to a surprise 3-0 win courtesy of a hat-trick from their main striker Blessing Majarira.

The Students, who went on to survive relegation on the last day, were summoned to appear before the PSL’s disciplinary committee together with their team manager Oliver Chirenga to answer to allegations of match manipulation.

They were charged for breaching Article 31.2.2 of the PSL Rules and Regulations on acts of misconduct and offence which states that a club can be summoned if “For any corrupt, dishonest or unlawful purpose in connection with a game played under the auspices of the League, or in connection with the affairs of the League, gives, offers or promises, whether directly or indirectly, any inducement, reward or bribe of whatsoever nature, to anybody whomsoever.”