Black Rhinos in rebuilding

Black Rhinos

Tinotenda Nyanzira, Sports Reporter

Black Rhinos coach Herbert Maruwa says he is looking to strengthen his squad in the upcoming 2020 Premier Soccer League season.

Chauya Chipembere finished 10th last season.

Maruwa also believes lack of goals were amongst the reasons why his team failed to compete at the top.

He said they need to be strong so that they can try to compete for trophies this coming season.


Maruwa says there will be players, who would be offloaded as part of the rebuilding.

“Since the window is open we are definitely recruiting because we want to strengthen our squad for this upcoming season.

“Our budget will determine how many players we are going to sign and offload.

“We are hoping to beef up the squad but we are having a meeting to decide who is in and who is out,” he said.

He added:

“As you can see in terms of team composition we were not far, we just need to add and make sure that we are more competitive than last season.

“We need to strengthen every department mainly strike force because goals were not coming last season.

“So for this upcoming season we have to remain competitive it’s our priority to try and win the championship or to collect the silverware.

“We need to reinforce the team and work is needed from all stakeholders. Everyone associated with Black Rhinos,” he said.