Langton ‘School boy’ Tinago Dies

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Three-time Commonwealth champion Langton ‘School boy’ Tinago has died. He died at his house in Ascot in Gweru on Tuesday morning. Tinago was a super feather, lightweight, light welterweight, welterweight boxer who was active in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Langton Tinago

He won the Zimbabwe lightweight title; Zimbabwe welterweight title, Commonwealth lightweight title, and Commonwealth super featherweight title.

In 2016, Tinago started a boxing club called Ascot Boxing Club. The club was however shut down later apparently due to lack of sponsorship.

In April 2018, Tinago was reported to be struggling economically.

He said: “Right now I feel neglected, wondering where all those people who used to fill up Rufaro Stadium just to watch me fight are when I am struggling like this. The only income I get is my pension from the Gweru City Council and a ‘barbershop’ I rent out.”

Tinago also complained that he wasn’t getting any recognition for his work.

“I won three titles at the Commonwealth that is two lightweight titles and a super-featherweight title. I was unstoppable and I am by far Zimbabwe’s greatest sportsperson, but why don’t I get recognition for everything I did for this country? If I were from Europe or a white person I could still be getting a lot of money and honour. Yet In this country, people are waiting for me to die so that they can come and deliver glowing speeches standing next to my coffin.”

More details to follow – The Chronicle