Mnangagwa Responds To Nelson Chamisa Court Challenge – Full Affidavit

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Emmerson Mnangagwa has responded to Nelson Chamisa’s court challenge. In his response he is seeking that the matter be dismissed based on the fact that he only got saved the papers on 11 August. He claims he is being sued as a Presidential Candidate and not as President Of Zimbabwe and therefore Chamisa erred in trying to serve him the papers at Munhumuta Building and not the address of his lawyers.

In the same affidavit Mnangagwa goes on a tirade attacking MDC while defending the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. He also accuses Nelson Chamisa of being contemptuous of the Constitutional Court.

The affidavit itself is revealing as to how ZANU PF used its war chest to out-muscle MDC with regards to State Media.

Download The Opposing Papers Here