Paul Kagame Falls Prey To Zimbabwe Propaganda Machinery On Chamisa

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Paul Kagame

The president of Rwanda Paul Kagame today fell victim to the incessant sensationalism in the Zimbabwe media when he was baited by the faceless character who goes by the name mmatigari on twitter. This followed a wildly inaccurate report by an online newspaper Newzimbabwe whose title was ”
Chamisa: I helped Pres Kagama turn Rwanda into economic success”.

Kagame then responded to a tweet that he was tagged by Matigari which had a link to the article on NewZimbabwe. His response was brutal and dismissive of Chamisa.


A video of the rally address has since emerged where Chamisa was actually praising the strides that Rwanda has made in the implementation of its ICT policy. Chamisa in the same video says in 2009 Kagame asked Mugabe about him when the three of them met at the ITU Telecoms Conference which Kagame officially opened.

While it is not clear whether Kagame indeed asked something about policy to Chamisa, investigations by this publication shows that Kagame, Chamisa and Mugabe indeed attended the same conference in Geneva. A video of the conference has since emerged showing Mugabe and Chamisa in the audience.

The Zimbabwe propaganda machinery which has also bought out a number of publications has been in overdrive trying to depict Chamisa as an untruthful character.

It is election season in Zimbabwe and youthful Nelson Chamisa (40) is tussling it out wih Emmerson Mnangagwa (75). Mnangagwa is the incumbent after toppling Mugabe in a coup in November 2017. Munangagwa remains a hated man in Zimbabwe following his well-publicized  role in the massacre of over 20000 civilians from the minority Ndebele tribe.

Mnangagwa has been on a charm offensive trying to depict himself as a changed man. Under his leadership though Zimbabwe has continued to deteriorate economically. The healthcare system has collapsed which has seen even him resorting to going to South Africa for medical checkups, something that his predecessor Mugabe was known for.