Chamisa Mesmerizes Thousands Of Zimbabweans In United Kindom

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In an unprecedented move Nelson Chamisa addressed an open-air rally in the town of Bedford in United Kingdom. The organizers had to make a last minute adjustment by moving the venue to accommodate the hundreds of people who had confirmed their presence for the Sunday rally.

Chamisa arrived in UK in the early hours of Sunday in the company of longtime ally and former Secretary General of MDC-T Mr Tendai Biti. They were welcomed at the airport my a host of supporters and media crew from ZimboLive and Nehanda could be seen milling around.

From the airport Chamisa then attended   AFM church in Stevenage where he was given an opportunity to minister and also pray with the congregation. Chamisa who is also an ordained pastor delivered a sermon that was well-received by the congregants. One member of the church could be heard shouting “God Is In It!” which has been Chamisa’s tagline for his presidential campaign.

At the venue in Bedfordshire people started trickling in as early as 9am, by lunch time the place was fully packed. An estimated 1500 people thronged the open space to listen to the electric politician.  Most of the crowd was clad in red which is the color that MDC uses.

Chamisa then addressed the responsive crowd touching on various issues. He used a mixture of both his native Shona and English. He touched on the shortcomings of Mnangagwa in the current government. First he chided Mnangagwa for failing to unite Zimbabweans by choosing to go it alone after the deposition of Robert Mugabe.

Chamisa then articulated the issues that are retarding progress in the country.

“What we have in Zimbabwe is not primarily as cash or money issue. We have a crisis of confidence. People do not have trust in their government because instead of being the protector it has become the persecutor” He added.

Chamisa then pointed out the issue of reforms that are necessary before the elections. The issues of ballot papers who prints them.

“This is life or death, we have to correct the issue of credibility of the ballot. We need also to do a BVR audit to make sure the 5.3 million voters are real. We have instructed our lawyers. It is going to be a legal and political strategy.”