‘Newcomers causing Zanu-PF divisions’

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Harare – Zimbabwe war veterans’ leader, Chris Mutsvangwa, has accused newcomers of fomenting divisions within the ruling Zanu-PF party, the state-owned  Herald newspaper said on Thursday.

Mutsvangwa said the new comers were using unsuspecting, hungry and poor ex-fighters to advance their own ends.

The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association boss alleged that a faction within Zanu-PF, known as Generation 40 (G40), was destroying the party, with individuals positioning themselves to succeed President Robert Mugabe, 91.

According to reports, the group is backing Mugabe’s wife Grace, to take over the throne should anything happen to the nonagenarian while he is still in office.

Mutsvangwa alleged that the Minister of Higher Education, Jonathan Moyo, who is allegedly the leader of the G40 also wanted to become the leader of the country after Mugabe.

He however, threatened that the ruling party would deal with Moyo together with his supporters.

Mutsvangwa’s remarks came a week after presidential spokesperson George Charamba warned that Mugabe would soon deal with those in the ruling Zanu-PF party who were engaging in succession battles.

Charamba’s utterances were also indirectly aimed at Moyo who has lately been under fire from the party’s heavyweights linked to Vice President Mnangagwa.

Meanwhile, following the Herald report, Moyo attacked the paper saying it was being used as a factional paper. In a series of tweets, Moyo alleged that Charamba was now using the Herald in the secessionist battles.