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Economy resuscitation is everyone’s responsibility

Until 2008 the economy suffered serious economic challenges which were characterised by hyperinflation of 231 million percent and massive devaluation of the currency. With the signing of the GPA came dollarisation which has seen the country’s economy registering positive growth rates.

OUR country is facing economic challenges due to corruption perpetrated by top government officials.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has a mammoth task to deal with this vice. Even though the resuscitation of the economy is everyone’s responsibility, the government should provide a conducive environment for the economy to thrive.

The modern world is ruled on the principle of corporatocracy, where the business world is mandated to expand their business empires and create goods and services that are needed by society and at the same make profit.

Before we seek foreign direct investment, we need to focus on ourselves and assess our capacity to transform our economic landscape.

It is a pity that some of us take pride and comfort in denigrating our own situation, without proffering practical alternatives that can save us from further sinking into abyss.


Everyone has an obligation to work for the country to achieve the Zimbabwe we want.

The Zimbabwe we want will remain a mirage if we have some among us who speak evil of the country without offering solutions.

Masimba Torai