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Is Mwonzora a Zanu PF proxy?

Douglas Mwonzora

CORRUPTION and maladministration by the Zanu PF government are the two twin evils that have to be uprooted from our society. However, it is disheartening to hear the recently-elected MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora claiming that his party is prepared to work “well” with Zanu PF.

This is the least we expect from an opposition leader worth his salt.

However, Mwonzora can fool some of us not all of us.

The truth is that Mwonzora is more Zanu PF than some ruling party supporters.

We are alive to the fact that the majority of MDC-T delegates who attended the party’s extraordinary congress were ferried to the venue by Zupco buses.  How was that possible if these guys were not in good books with the ruling elite?


There is no harm in making Zanu PF accountable and this does not mean working with the ruling party. Making Zanu PF to account for its actions means exposing the bad apples in the ruling party. That is what a genuine opposition should do.

Government does not need opposition support, the opposition should keep the regime in check.

The MDC-T should provide alternative policies since it is an alternative government.

Surely, Mwonzora knows that Zanu PF brought the country to its knees.

Does Mwonzora think he can reform Zanu PF when in actual fact he failed to do so during his stint with MDC  and Zimbabwe Unity Movement?

MDC-T has been saying it is broke, we were surprised to see the  party holding its extraordinary congress at a top hotel where government is a shareholder.

Since when has the Zanu PF-led government assisted opposition parties?

We smell a rat, Mwonzora has a case to answer.