Editorial Comment: Looting, violence will not stop corruption

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Zimbabweans should today send a clear message that they are fed up of being used in demonstrations meant to save a purpose for a few, who use the majority to enhance certain nefarious agendas.

They say the love of money is the root of all evil, and these sort of demonstrations crudely expose their organisers as lovers of money, who do not care about the evil destruction that follows since it is clear that the demonstrations meant for today are a disguise being employed by misguided elements to fatten their pockets with donor money.

Each time someone calls for a demonstration against the Government in Zimbabwe, donors from Western countries stampede to pour in money.

Reports have already circulated with regards to the demonstration called for today, that some Western countries and donors have already put in money to embolden organisers of the illegal act.

This money ends up in the hands of a few, who in all the instances are never seen on the streets on the day of the demonstrations. It is those who are fooled that the demonstrations are for a good cause who end up bearing the consequences of facing the wrath of the law after going on a spree of destruction and looting.

Bearing in mind the destruction of property and looting witnessed in previous illegal demonstrations called by the opposition, the presence of all law enforcement agencies on the streets will be justified today.

Their duty is to protect people, property and maintain peace.

The reaction of the law enforcement agents always arises and is driven from what will be happening on the ground. Those who think they can embark on an orgy of violence and destruction of property and get away with it, should think hard before embarking on the illegal action.

It is deceitful for the organisers of the illegal demonstration to pretend that they are fighting against corruption, when they have other political motives to further their political ambitions.

We are all against corruption and growing numbers of whistle blowers show that we are prepared to do something practical about it, like inform on the corrupt and help find the evidence that will jail them.

We all knew that the demonstration was no longer about corruption as purported when those organisers started putting up hashtags like #ZanuPFMustGo.

The New Dispensation has been at the forefront of fighting corruption and all cases made public have been investigated, with individuals as highly-ranked as Government ministers having their day in court.

The Government encourages the exposing of corruption, but obviously takes serious issues when those who purport to do that want to extend it to the removal of an elected administration. 

Yet the organisers claim they are democratic, and if they are true democrats, they should be the first to know that the only way to remove a sitting Government is through the ballot box.

Elections for this term were done and dusted in July 2018, and the next are due in 2023.

This is the reality that should sink in the minds of the illegal demonstration organisers — that they have to wait a little longer before they can challenge Zanu PF once again at the ballot box.

There is no country in the world that can allow gangsters to remove a sitting government illegally, and Zimbabwe is not an exception.

Apart from the selfish people intending to line their pockets with donor funds, the demonstrations, as in the past, are timed to put Zimbabwe on the international limelight for wrong reasons.

The demonstrations are meant to create a bad image for the country as a way of discouraging progress being made in the engagement and re-engagement process.

A number of countries and international organisations are warming up to Zimbabwe, and this is bad news for the opposition.

The opposition officials are also quite aware that the economy has now started stabilising, and they know they will not have any reason to pretend to be relevant once the economic problems are solved.

Recent measures instituted by Government have resulted in the stabilisation of prices and the subduing of the foreign currency parallel market.

In fact, no one is talking about the foreign currency parallel exchange rate and inflation anymore, simply because it is no longer a major factor because of the stabilisation brought by the foreign currency auction system.

This stabilisation of the economy passes well as one of the major fulfilment of the Zanu PF election manifesto of 2018.

The opposition and their handlers are fully aware that their objectives of illegal regime change fail once things start moving in the right direction.

This is a factor that Zimbabweans must fully understand, so that they are not used in nefarious activities that disrupt the progress being made to rebuild the country.

The time is now for nation building and the positives taking place in the economy should be applauded by all progressive people.

Demonstrations will not help consolidate the economic recovery efforts because they are aimed at disrupting this progress.

Government is fully aware of the constitutional right to demonstrate and freedom of expression and assembly, hence the plethora of publications that routinely criticised the Government, but when these are used to infringe democracy then it is forced to act.

Demonstrators who do not respect the right of others through destruction of properties and physical harm should be a thing of the past in Zimbabwe.

In fact, the whole world should condemn such violent acts which do not have space in the modern and civilised world.