LACOSTE- A Clothing Label ,Not A Political Faction

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by Godwin Gomwe

Lacoste (French pronunciation: [laˈkɔst]) is a French clothing company founded in 1933 that sells high-end clothing, footwear, perfume, leather goods, watches, . The company can be recognized by its green crocodile logo.[1] René Lacoste,[2] the company’s founder, was nicknamed “the Crocodile” by fans because of his tenacity on the tennis court.

Interestingly,certain Cyber mercenaries have decided to create political mobocracy and pandemonium over innocent Zimbabweans’ growing love& taste for the French apparel.The venal cyber terrorists have embarked on a stigmatisation spree by maliciously aligning Lacoste tshirt lovers to a non-existing political faction.

Let it be known that there is only one ZANU PF led by de R.G Mugabe, which all true and dedicated youths will remain faithful to.

The so called “Team Lacoste” is a malicious creation by the cyber lieutenant terrorists,mainly attacking from the twiiter wing. The so called “Team Lacoste” doesn’t exist on this planet or anywhere else on the entire Universe.Wearing a Lacoste shirt isnt a crime, but just an expression of love for the clothing brand,just like the act of wearing a Puma or Georgio Armani product.Moreover,one would ask if the Military regiment with a crocodile label on its regalia belongs to any faction.

Nonetheless, I Godwin S Gomwe is an affectionate lover of the French clothing brand I question,for various reasons which include the fact that the green crocodile icon is symbolic to my totem,Garwe,Gushungo.For those who doubt this can make confirmations at my village Mariga in Masiyarwa kwa Gomwe,7 km peg from Kutama Mission. Furthermore,the icon reminds me of the totem of the Great son of Africa,Revolutionary and undisputed Champion of pan Africanism,HE cde R.G Mugabe.

The malicious claims of a faction called “team lacoste” by the cyber terrorists is actually a divisive stance,an act of insubordination and above all a sign of rebellion.

The 1st Secretary of Zanu Pf, HE R.G Mugabe, in him where lies the only Center of power commanded that the act of vomiting party information on social media should stop,but its shocking that even certain politburo members choose to be defiant to the Head of State’s order.

Such rebellious elements lack discipline and love for the party as further explained by their futile efforts to detach the revolutionary party from the Armed struggle through continued shameful and disrespectful attacks on the war veterans.


As the vanguards of the nation,the youths would expect Ministers to be the torch bearers in showing respect for the Head of State by taking full responsibility to their ministerial mandate which builds the nation and not assuming the role of fashion detective police officers.

Yours Comradely Cde G.S. Gomwe Gushungo????????????????????????????