Covid-19 case No 1 speaks

Bulawayo Bureau

ON MARCH 20, Zimbabwe marked exactly a year after the country reported its first case of Covid-19. At the time, almost everything associated with Covid-19 was scary as the country watched how the flue-like disease ravaged China and European countries causing massive deaths.

At the time Zimbabwe reported the first case, naming the person was out of the question, and even subsequent positive cases were identified by numbers. However, today Case One has opened up to Sunday News and encouraged people to continue taking precaution and to be vaccinated as the country continues to fight the pandemic.

The man who became known as Case One is Mr Graham Simmonds, a Victoria Falls resident who tested positive on 20 March last year, days after he had returned from a visit to the United Kingdom.

“At the time the feeling (after he was told that he had tested positive) was different to now as we now know so much more about Covid-19. It is still sad though that one year on, we are still facing this silent enemy and it is worrisome.


However, vaccinations are the fastest and safest way to defeat corona. As the world rolls out their various programmes it is great news that Zimbabwe is also at the frontline rolling out its vaccination programme.

“It is sad that we are still seeing positive cases and even sadder that we are seeing deaths. As a country we have done well to combat corona but it seems the virus is still striking those most vulnerable. We hoped that the virus will disappear but it is still among us. Vaccinations are the only way to rid our nation of Covid-19.

“Vaccinations are used throughout the world to combat various diseases known to mankind. They are a key tool in beating Covid-19. But we must not use it as our only hope. We still need to follow the other medical advice, much which is easy to adhere to such as masking up in public, social distancing and very importantly, sanitising as often as possible. The simple act of washing your hands with basic soap can prevent the spread of the virus. I have not yet been vaccinated though but will be vaccinated soon.”