Duo nabbed for conspiracy to criminal abuse

Mavis Madzivanzira (right) Pauline Gutsa

Zvikomborero Parafini, Court Reporter

The duo of suspected fraudsters Pauline Gutsa and Mavis Madzivanzira was back in court yesterday facing fresh charges of conspiracy of criminal abuse of duty after they reportedly collaborated with the City Council Acting Finance Director to sell stands illegally.

The two, who are co-directors of Segimel Investments were not asked to plead when they appeared before Harare magistrate Stanford Mambanje and were released on $20 000 bail each.


The court heard that the two met with Stanley Ndemera, the Acting Finance Officer for Harare City Council who is a public officer in August 2019, and they entered into an agreement where they agreed that he would channel all the land that the city council would be selling through the duo and their company to find potential buyers and would get rewards after the sale.



The court heard that Ndemera called them in September 2019, and advised them to find potential buyers for stand number 402 Vainona Township which was running lease to Mt Pleasant Sports Club.


It is alleged that both parties were well aware that the land had not been advertised for sale in the daily media and due process had not been done as outlined in the Urban Councils Act.


The court heard that the duo later approached Ndemera and negotiated the sale of the land to Hardspec Investments which was represented by the two without following due process.


As a result of the inducement, Ndemera facilitated the sitting of the Finance Committee, to recommend the sale to Hardspec Investments as well as sitting of the full council to approve the sale, all in one day, at the disadvantage of the sitting tenants, Mt Pleasant Sports Club who had a running lease and were not afforded the first right of refusal, the court heard.


The duo conspired with Harare City Council employees to the commission of the offence of criminal abuse of duty by council officers through unprocedural sale of council land disadvantaging genuine land seekers.



Netsai Mushayabasa appeared for the State.