Get vaccinated, elderly couple urges Zimbabweans

Herald Reporter

Seventy –two -old Janette Toet and her husband, Egbert (73), have urged Zimbabweans to take the Covid-19 vaccine as this saves lives of millions of elderly people in the country.

Speaking to The Herald soon after receiving their shots at Wilkins Infectious Diseases Hospital yesterday, the couple said they reached the important decisions because of a variety of reasons.

“Being pensioners and very vulnerable, we felt it was important for us to get vaccinated instead of walking around being uncomfortable all the time. Also as grandparents, we associate with our children and grandchildren and we don’t want to have the risk of spreading or even catching Covid-19,” said Janette.

Mr Toet said the negative sentiments being expressed on social media about vaccination were wrong and only served to derail a good initiative that could save lives.