Covid -19 jab may save lives of people with pre-existing conditions

Ms Chibaya

Rumbidzayi Zinyuke

Senior Writer

People with underlying conditions have been encouraged to take the Sinopharm Covid-19 jab as the national Covid-19 vaccination roll-out opened up to include more people.

Ms Sibusisiwe Chibaya, a senior manager in human resources with the Zimbabwe Power Company said getting the jab might save the lives of those with pre-existing conditions.

Ms Chibaya got her shot at Wilkins Hospital yesterday.


“I have lived with a heart condition for many years. I actually have artificial heart valves and I also have high blood pressure, and I suffer migraine headaches.

“I have a lot of challenges health wise but I decided to be brave,” she said.

She said people with underlying conditions were at high risk of dying from Covid-19 and needed to be proactive to safeguard their lives.

“What people are saying about the vaccination not being safe for us is not true. I decided to get the jab and I feel ok, my heart is not beating too fast and I don’t have a headache.

“I want to encourage someone out there who have pre-existing conditions to come and get a new life. I am sure we will be safer if we get vaccinated,” said Ms Chibaya.