Probeats explores self

Takudzwa Chihambakwe
IN 2016, Probeats made history together with fellow local creatives that represented Zimbabwe for the first time at The World Championships of Performing Arts in Hollywood.
The event often referred to as the “Olympics of the Performing Arts” is a rare international competition that finds and honours the best aspiring performing artiste across the globe.
Probeats real name Takudzwa Mashonganyika was highly victorious in the competition.
He came back home with five gold medals for his exploits in beatboxing.
Last year, he dropped one of the most banging hip-hop jams, “Ibanga Iroro” which has amassed over 500 000 views on YouTube.
For a hip-hop act, that is a big deal in this country!
Today, Probeats has hogged the limelight once again.
However, he is not in the music booth but on the silver screen.
Like is the case when he is rapping or beatboxing, the youngster’s acting style is unique and makes him easily standout among the rest.
Mashonganyika is the main man in the recently launched comedy show, “Captain Mfombi”.
The show was premiered on YouTube a month or so back.
It is loved by many with each episode getting an average of 20 000 views.
“Acting is something that I have always loved to do. However, it was a bit difficult to penetrate into the mainstream acting circles back in the days due to massive gatekeeping at the national broadcaster,” said Probeats.
“But now with the internet and the vast opportunities that are presented by the growth of the digital space globally, one can just think of something and give it to the people without having to follow any of the traditional rules.”
The advent of technology, he argues, has accorded artists with a lot of creative freedom.
The lad, who also fancies dancing when in good mood, said he never thought his latest venture would be successful.
“I always get criticised by some people that feel I should focus on one thing to be successful. They want me to stick to either beatboxing or rapping.
“So, I never expected the project to grow and be loved by many as is the case now because of negative criticism of the show I got from nay-sayers,” revealed Probeats.
He is happy that a good number of his fans are willing to give him a chance in acting.
He has in the past featured in Jah Prayzah’s music videos and skits.
“We currently do not have enough resources at our disposal. However, we decided to start with the little we have and we are happy to see that it is paying dividends. What has kept us going is the fact that we share the same passions and so execution of the task becomes easier,” he said.
But how does the multi-tasking balance his time?
“When it comes to balancing the three elements, acting, beatboxing and rapping, I simply do what I am supposed to do when I supposed to do it. I never mix or cause things to overlap,” said Probeats.
“There is no set priority list. I am an entertainer and my job is to make people happy. I love surprising people, keeping them on their toes. They should never get used to getting a certain element from me. That’s how they keep glued to your brand.”
He hinted at new music including local and international collaborations on the cards.