Saujeni composed a song to raise awareness

Mike Saujeni ‘Micho Bancho’

Muchaneta Chimuka Senior Reporter

Young and talented musician as well as basketball player Mike Saujeni (20) popularly known in the music circles as ‘Micho Bancho’ recently composed a song whose aim is to raise awareness and fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Saujeni’s song “Dai Mwari Maita” also lobbies for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the Covid-19 fight.

Saujeni who stays in Chitungwiza said he composed the song which has gone viral on social media in order to unearth some of the issues that affect children with disabilities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As children with disabilities, we need support mechanisms in order to lead a normal life.  For our parents to stay indoors with us they need enough food, diapers, medical support. Most of the times we are supposed to go for physiotherapy and travelling is very difficult due to massive police roadblocks. We end up spending many hours in buses where there are no ablution services among other things. We end-up soiling ourselves and this will add to the existing stigma,” he said.


Dai Mwari Maita has touched the souls of many.

“Many people are appreciating my songs including the recent one on coronavirus titled ‘Dai Mwari Maita’. I also composed two songs to do with stigma and discrimination faced by people with disabilities namely ‘Mutakura’ and Mainini. I’m also taking advantage of this lockdown to record my songs whilst at home,” he said.

Saujeni who uses a wheelchair for mobility said he participated in the Basketball National Team and sings in collaboration with Zim DanceHall Artists.

He has written more than 200 songs, which are yet to be recorded as financial challenges are hindering him.

“I thank Impala Car Rental, Sister Enisia Mashusha who is based in the UK and Theresa Makwara the chairperson for the Zimbabwe Parents of Handicapped Children for supporting my career. They also supported my family with food, face masks, sanitisers and some educational materials on Covid-19. I have so far recorded two albums,” he said.

Saujeni said art is one of the methods that can be used to convey information on Covid-19 to communities hence the Government and other supporting partners should chip in.

“Right now we have heard of the Covid-19 vaccines that arrived in the country this week and there is a lot of misinformation that is circulating on various social media platforms. If artists are engaged, they can help in dispelling all those conspiracy theories that can derail the nationwide vaccination process,” he said.