Joseph Makamba Busha

Mathew Masinge, Court Reporter

Politician Joseph Makamba Busha has been slapped with a R111 000 summon after he failed to settle his legal fees with a local law firm.

According to summons issued by Nyahuma’s Law-Golden Stairs Chambers, Busha was rendered legal services at his request between January and July last year.


Despite demand, Busha is alleged to have refused to pay the amount that is also payable in Zimbabwean dollars.



“Nyahuma’s Law-Golden Stairs Chambers avers that sometime in early 2020, Busha instructed it to provide him with legal services wherein one of the Nyahuma’s legal practitioners was to watch-in-brief in a certain criminal case in which Busha was the complainant and a certain Vimbai Zinyama-Mushongera was the accused.


“Nyahuma’s law did provide the said legal services and duly invoiced Busha the sum of R12 000 as the legal fees payable for such work.


“Later on, in June 2020 and as part and parcel of his philanthropic work and in an effort to promote and further his political fortunes, Busha instructed Nyahuma’s Law to attend to a case in which villagers at Chipwere Village, Maramba, Mash-East province, had their land allegedly invaded by a certain mining entity without their consent,” reads the summon.


The law firm claims it was also engaged to act on behalf of the Chipwere villagers by Busha.


“Pursuant to those instructions, Nyahuma’s Law attended to the matter and eventually mounted an urgent court application under HC2696/20 on behalf of the villagers.



“Busha agreed to pay for all the legal costs on behalf of the villagers and the actual fee agreed between Plaintiff and Defendant was the sum of US$5 000 which amount Busha specifically and expressly elected to settle in South Africa rand converted at the rate of 19.80,” reads the summon.


According to the summons, Busha acknowledged the liability but despite numerous attempts for demand, he has failed to settle the amount.


Now, the law firm wants the court to make an order that Busha pays the R111 000 together with interest.


The matter is pending determination at the High Court.