Patenity battle: Man seeks to deregister child’s birth certificate

Mathew Masinge, Court Reporter

A disgruntled man has approached the courts seeking to deregister a birth certificate for a child he alleges was born after only seven months of cohabiting with his ex-lover.

Edmond Mutambara has since obtained DNA test results to substantiate his case that he did not sire a child with Josephine Mukazhu.


According to the application for cancellation of the document, Edmond claims he only became intimate with his ex-girlfriend in April last year before he was advised that she had conceived in June.



On October 14, Josephine gave birth to the disputed child with records showing that the child was born after the normal nine months.


“The Applicant (Edmond) then advised the Respondent (Josephine) that he was disputing paternity on the minor child since the period that was between when they became intimate and when the child was born was less than nine months.


“In fact the parties were only known to each other for seven months,” he said.


In January this year, Josephine told Edmond that she had obtained a birth certificate showing he was the child’s father and she would proceed to claim maintenance if he was to neglect upkeep of the child.


Now, Edmond claims the document was obtained without his knowledge and consent.



Furthering his denial, Edmond took the child for a DNA test and results came out on August 25 showing he was not the biological father.


Realising that the truth had come out, Josephine has allegedly pleaded with Edmond to solve the matter amicably.


The matter is expected in court next Monday.