D-Day for Tsenengamu

Godfrey Tsenengamu

Zvikomborero Parafini, Court Reporter

Former Zanu-PF Youth League national political commissar, Godfrey Tsenengamu will know his fate today as the presiding magistrate is expected to make a ruling on his bail application on the charges of inciting public violence over the July 31 demonstrations which flopped.

Tsenengamu appeared before Harare Regional Magistrate Ngoni Nduna who remanded him in custody to today.

Tsenengamu (eft)


Tsenengamu who handed himself over to the police on Friday claimed that unidentified people have been following him around and was represented by Harrison Nkomo.


Prosecutor Lancelot Mutsokoti opposed bail and led evidence from the investigating officer Clifford Mugabiri who reiterated Mutsokoti’s claims that if released on bail, Tsenengamu is likely to team up with his alleged accomplices including Jim Kunaka who are on the run and commit similar offences again.


“There is also video and audio evidence of the accused person inciting the public to engage in violence. We have eight witnesses that need to be recorded statements who were there when he incited violence and others who downloaded the videos and audio clips.”


Mugabiri also told the court that Tsenengamu could flee the country since there is a possibility of a custodial sentence if convicted.


On behalf of Tsenengamu, Nkomo argued that the State failed to give compelling reasons to have his client denied bail.



He tasked Mugabiri to prove if Tsenengamu has any ties outside the country where he could relocate and added that his client’s income was $20 000 making it difficult for him to sustain a living outside Zimbabwe.


Nkomo urged the court to treat Tsenengamu similarly to MDC Alliance deputy national chairperson Job Sikhala and Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume who were granted bail by the High Court on similar charges.


He said Tsenengamu was prepared to deposit $7000 bail, surrender his passport, continue residing at his Waterfalls home in Harare, report once a week at CID Law and Order until the matter is finalised.


In one of the audio recordings that the state is relying on, Tsenengamu allegedly said: “From July 31 and beyond you must know that people will die as never previously witnessed in this country. Masses will be heavily beaten, thievery and corruption will increase to unprecedented levels… boys and girls who are in the diaspora with parents in the country, encourage your parents to attend the protests in their numbers and fight for themselves, fight for you and fight for the country as you are being oppressed in the diaspora where you are based, so that you will be able to come to them.”


According to the State, he also used his twitter account @Godfrey_Tsenaz and posted: “I am not sure about the results of this approach. Anyway, Zimbabwe must win. The Green Revolution is saying corruption and looting must fall on July 31.”