Is he really a listening President?

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

MY family is failing to raise $7 000 needed for my brother to go to college because we are all unemployed. Does President Emmerson Mnangagwa really think he will get my family’s votes?

By Collet Ndoro, Our Reader

Mnangagwa pretends as if he is a listening President, yet in reality he is not. How many times has Mnangagwa gone abroad and addressed Zimbabweans and was told of the need for those in the diaspora to vote and to implement political reforms? And what has he done about it?

He has simply declared that Zimbabweans in the diaspora will not vote without even trying to explore ways in which they could vote as outlined in the Constitution. All Zimbabweans abroad should tell their families in Zimbabwe not to vote for Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF, which denies them their constitutional right to vote.

I also encourage all students at institutions of higher learning facing financial difficulties to encourage all their families to vote against Mnangagwa who is causing them so much suffering. A new government will find ways of ensuring that everyone has access to higher education.


All that Mnangagwa wants are people with money who can invest in Zimbabwe so that he is appreciated for reviving the economy, period.

He doesn’t care about those who may fail to access higher education because for him there are already enough unemployed graduates, a situation caused by a government he was part of, holding the powerful position of Vice-President in the latter years.

Vote Mnangagwa out of the temporary office he occupies.