THE number of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Cabinet ministers who are alleged to have misused funds donated towards coronavirus worth millions of dollars is a cause for concern.

Unhappy Reader

Importantly, how does Mnangagwa hope to fight corruption when he has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he protects the corrupt? Shall we believe anything he has said before as he sought to win the hearts of Zimbabweans? Who is Mnangagwa trying to fool?

The people of Zimbabwe, irrespective of political affiliation, must show him that we have been fooled well enough and cannot be fooled anymore by his regime.

Even Zanu PF members themselves should consider replacing him as their presidential candidate. In developed countries, such cover up for corruption would result in a president’s resignation, but knowing him as we do Mnangagwa will not do that. Let us help the situation by having a vote of no confidence in him as he is too old to manage the affairs of the country. People are made to retire at 65 because their capacity will be failing and they need a break, so why should there be an exception for the president?