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Vapostori sect worship evil spirits: Walter Magaya

Prophet Walter Magaya

HARARE-PREACHER Walter Magaya has once again attacked Vapostori, saying they worship marine spirits.

Prophet Walter Magaya

Prophet Walter Magaya

In a sermon to launch his book titledMarine Spirits: Part two which claims to reveal the underhand dealings of apostolic sects, Magaya said the “white garment” Christian movement gets its powers from marine waters and other idols to hoodwink followers.

“If your gathering does not believe in or read the Holy Bible, does not accept Jesus Christ as a personal saviour and if it believes in marine resources like reeds (tsanga nenhokwe) pebbles (nhombo) or if it uses traditional tools or wares like clay plates (mbiya) or if it believes in totems (mitupo), then it means it’s not a church but a marine cult sect.

As such…will refer to it as a white garment cult sect (mapositori) of the marine Kingdom which operates in shrines (masowe),” Magaya writes in his book.

“Being a white garment sect follower means you are supernaturally empowered to fail”.


The young charismatic preacher, who, at his Waterfalls church attracts thousands of congregants, said he was ready for a brutal war with the apostolic sect as he seeks to ‘show light to the world’.

The book further states that most prophets from the “white garment sect” are the same as witch doctors whose source of power is the same marine spirits.

“These ‘prophets’ originate from the same source of the marine Kingdom and choose to operate either as n’angas or prophets,” Magaya said.

“I know that with this book I am going to be attacked but then what I want is to let the truth out,” he said.

Magaya challenged the apostolic church leaders to reveal the source of their powers, saying not all who use the name Jesus were acting for God and not all miracles were from the Lord as some are performed by demon-possessed people.

“The hunger for prophecy in many people of Africa has led them flocking to the white garment cult or shrine. Many people want to be told about their past, today and tomorrow and it’s this prophetic hunger that has led the devil to take advantage of and mislead the African continent,” he writes in his book.

Although a response could not be sourced from the representative of the apostolic sect, the controversial book is certain to outrage the more than one million Vapostori who are spread countrywide.